IT Support


IT Support refers to a range of services which we provide technical assistance to users of technology products such as mobile phones, computers, software products. In general, technical support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with a product—rather than providing training, customization, or other support services.

IT Support may be delivered over the telephone or online by e-mail or a web site or a tool where users can log a call/incident. Larger organizations frequently have internal technical support available to their staff for computer related problems. Nowadays, companies prefer to outsource their IT Support Department to external IT Support companies.

Common IT Support

  • Computer Performance Tune-up
    • Cleanup of temporary files and unused files
    • Review & Remove unused softwares
    • Cleanup of Windows Registry
    • Memory Optimization
    • Review & Termination of Startup of Windows services
    • Disk Defragmentation
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Email Support
    • Email Setup
    • Email Optimization – Archive/Compact of Outlook Files
    • Email Client (Outlook/Outlook Express Troubleshooting)
    • Email Tracing
  • Software Installation
  • Data Backup
  • Desktop to Phone Synchronization
  • Recovery from loss of data



Our Support Resolution and Escalation Process

IT Support Escalation and Resolution Process

IT Support Resolution and Escalation Process




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    IT Support Types

    IT Support as a Pay per Block Hours Services (Ah Hoc Services/Pay Per Use) : To purchase a number of hours upfront to pay a reduced hourly rate. It is flexible as it use the hours as they please without doing the paperwork and the hassle of paying multiple bills. The drawback of such type …

    Mac Support

    Mac Support are mainly for users using Apple Mac OS . Mac OS is a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc. for their Macintosh line of computer systems. Mac OS is credited with popularizing the graphical user interface. Through innovation and slick design, Mac is gaining many loyal users over years. …

    PC Support

    PC Support are for users primarily using Windows-based Operating System like Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. As Windows is quite buggy and full security vulnerabilities, it is prone many problems. These are some of common problems that most users faced. We are able to support you …

    PC Windows / Mac Comparison

    PC Windows and Mac Comparison chart Mac PC Windows What is it?: Short form for “Macintosh” and refers to any computer produced by Apple, Inc. Refers to any computer running IBM-Based(Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD) Operating Systems. Manufacturer: Apple Inc., is the only manufacturer of Macintosh computers. Microsoft creates the OS, while companies like HP, Toshiba, …

    Remote IT Support

    What is “Remote IT Support” Remote IT Support (Remote PC/Mac repair or Remote Computer Repair or IT Support Remotely) is a method for troubleshooting software related problems via remote desktop connections. Engineer or Technicians use software that allows the technician to access the user’s desktop via the Internet. With the user’s permission, the technician can …

    Telephone & Email Support

              We are reinventing the way you think about phone and email support! Friendly Service Support Reliable, Well-trainied and Qualified Engineer Affordable and attractive fees Good Value for Money Get immediate response with little or no wait times Local / Native People Support (no funny or unfamiliar accents) We offer IT …