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Mail Hosting

We have our e-mail servers equipped with the latest technology,  to minimize the risk of virus infection. It employs advanced scanning techniques, which identify and quarantine or eradicate infected files for servers, workstations and personal computers. Regardless of the procedure of invasion, a current AntiVirus subscription will protect against viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, time bombs, drop dead devices, or other code that may disable, erase, display unauthorized messages, or otherwise impair hardware or software.

  • Deployed layered antivirus protection – powered by 3 antivirus engines
  • Deployed layered antispam protection – powered by over 10 antispam engines
    • can reduce up to 80% of spam
    • less than 0.1% of false positive
  • Mail Tracking – Kept detailed logging of mail for mail diagnostic check
  • Mail Backup (optional) – to serve a backup for mail loss thru loss of notebook or accidental deletion of mail.




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