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Setup Office 365 Exchange Email On Apple IOS Device Step By Step

Setup Office 365 Exchange Email On Apple IOS Device Step By Step 1. Go to Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars –> Microsoft Exchange 2. Key in the Email account and Password. Choose Next. 3. Choose the object you wan to synchronized. And choose save. It’s Done !!!

How to Secure or Lock Down Your Apple iPhone / iPad

1) Activate Your “Passcode Lock” Settings => General => Passcode Lock => Turn Passcode On (Avoid repeating or sequence numbers) 2) Secure Your Data Settings => General => Passcode Lcok => Erase Data On (After 10 failed login attempt, all the data will be erased) 3) Backup Your Data Backup Data Regularly to iCloud Backup …

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TeamViewer Apps For Mobile

TeamViewer mobile apps – for when you’re on the road Are you often on the road and need to connect to your office computer and customer’s servers or provide spontaneous support to customers ? TeamViewer apps for Android and Apple(Iphone & Ipad) allow you to be mobile and flexible to handle any situation. License: Free …

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Apple Ipad Mini Launch 23 October 2012

We’ve got a little more to show you Apple has sent out an invite for an event on October 23. The invite states “we’ve got a little more to show you” – which we’re assuming refers to the iPad Mini. The company may also use the event to update the Mac Mini, iMac and bring …

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Print with HP from your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch via Apple AirPrint or HP ePrint

What is the difference between Apple’s AirPrint and HP’s ePrint? Apple’s AirPrint allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch customers to print wirelessly to a local printer on their wireless network through an embedded OS print function. HP ePrint allows for printing from anywhere in the world from any mobile device to an HP ePrint enabled …

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Best Notes Taking Apps for Apple IOS Ipad, Iphone

Evernote Evernote has been one of my favorite apps for note-taking because it syncs with everything. It’s definitely not as feature rich as some of the other note-taking apps I’ll mention below, but it does a great job of making sure you can access your notes from anywhere including an iPhone, Mac, or from the …

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Top Cydia Apps of 2012 (for Jailbreak Apple IOS Devices)

Part1 Spire – MyAssistant – TinyAssistant – RingerX VIP – MusicBanners – ColoredKnob – Zeppelin – – QuickTweet – Simplexity – Jepit – Motion – Part2 SlideToMod: WeeTrackData: Bulletin: SwipeShiftCaret: LockSliderz: NCColors: Mirror Widget: PowerSoundDisabler: WeeRoll Lite: SiriLaunch: Screen Swipe Sounds: AssistantConnect4S: Part3 IconRotator: iUnlock: Graviboard: MusicGestures: LSCameraExtender: LowPowerBanner: iSounds: WeeToolbox: Anti-Theft: AnimateDock: Part4 DisableLaunch: AppSlider: …

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Using Apple Iphone 4/4S, Ipad 2/3 for Presentation

There are two ways to use Apple Iphone 4/4S,   Ipad 2/3 for Presentation. 1) Use Apple TV’s Airplay ( – US$99) Airplay – AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your iOS device to your HDTV and speakers.  ( Air Play is available in AppleTV 2 or 3 using Any device with IOS 4.3 or newer …

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3 ways to print in iPad (AirPrint Printer or Free Apps or Paid Apps)

1)    Get a compatible enabled AirPrint Printer, which means you have to buy a new printer or you can set your PC or Mac to share your printer, then install AirPrint with Airprint Activator, which means you have to leave your computer to be powered on all the time. What is Airprint? List of Airprint …

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How do I lock or unlock auto rotation with iOS 4 / iOS 5?

How do I lock rotation with iOS 4 / iOS 5? The iOS 4 firmware update includes a rotation lock feature, similar to the rotation lock switch found on the first generation iPad.iPhone 4 ships with iOS 4 and also has this capability. To enable rotation lock and prevent the screen from automatically changing orientation …

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